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Dominique Wilkins Fight Video Footage

via TMZ: Whoa. Still the Human Highlight Film.

Dominique Wilkins Fight Night.

Commentary to follow after I watch it 100 more times.


First, let's start by saying the floor is open to all comments here, but let's keep it civil. I don't want Nique coming after me or Kris next time we see him. I'll start by rolling some bullets out there and reserve the right to add more as I watch this on a loop.


  • I love that the footage opens with him showing how that dude got his eye all swole up. Nique looks like he might have done this a time or to before.
  • Also have to love that, after beating the guy down, Nique breaks to take his jacket off and maybe his microphone/earpiece. Clearly, he's just getting warmed up.
  • Agree with Kris and Coco that I'm Bob Rathbun is restraining Nique is funny, but there's THHF stalking around...and the dude he mashed is still layed out! There's no back talk or other side having to be restrained, he's restrained because he's been cold cocked by The Namesake. Gravity and pain are the players holding him back.
  • Why didn't this dude get closer? This is a once-in-a-lifetime type occurance and you stand your ground 50 yards away? I'd pay 2 grand to see this up close...and it not involve me getting hit.

TMZ spoke with Rashan Michel -- a former NBA referee -- and he claims he was calmly trying to work out a deal over the money he says 'Nique owes him for custom suits.

Michel claims Wilkins responded by yelling, "F**k You!" ... then security wrestled him to the ground ... and that's when the Hall of Famer slugged him. Michel is adamant that he did NOT hit Wilkins first.

Michel tells us he plans on suing Wilkins and the Hawks organization -- as well as subpoenaing the surveillance footage ... which he claims proves his side of the story.

We're here for you, Nique when you want to get your side out---though this fight footage convinces me of your innocence. Let's just say I hope you keep your jacket on the next time I see you, big fella.