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Fan Who Attacked Dominique Wilkins After Hawks-Magic Game Arrested

In case you missed it, after the game last night a fan attacked Hawks Hall of Fame player and current announcer Dominique Wilkins as he exited the court after his television duties were completed. The fan, Rashan S. Michel told authorities that he was owed money by Wilkins for suits that were "purchased years ago". According to reports, Michel hit Wilkins in the chest and also hit a security guard. Interestingly Michel is said to have worked as a college and NBA referee. 

"The fan was promptly arrested and was taken into custody by the Atlanta Police Department," Hawks spokesman Arthur Triche said in a statement to the AJC. "At this time the Hawks have no additional information or comment regarding this situation."

As someone that has been lucky enough to attend a few games this season this is scary stuff personally for me especially when you consider that it happened to my child hood idol. Whatever the circumstances surrounding the event we are glad to report that Wilkins not anyone else was seriously injured in the fray.