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Hoo boy: Joe Johnson calls Hawks/Magic tilt a "statement" game

I missed it yesterday, but Joe Johnson referred to the game against Orlando as a "statement" game.

From Jon Newberry's post-practice report:

"We understand the significance of this game," said Joe following Tuesday's practice. "This is more than likely going to be our first-round (playoff) opponent. It's definitely a statement game."    


Ok, hands held high, who thinks this game against Orlando will make any more of a statement that the previous 70+ games have made?

While I, as always, applaud Joe's physical dedication to playing--remember, dude bounced back from a Dr. James Andrews visit/procedure within two stinkin' weeks--, my need to hear Joe call anything a statement game at this point is minimal.

What I, and many, many other Hawks fans want, is for this team to do whatever it takes, including putting aside their own personal beliefs of how to win basketball games, to play together on both ends of the floor to win.

They have no control over the length of their bench, the contractual tendencies of their general manager, or how many hot dogs are sold throughout the game...but they do have control over what goes on while they are playing the game. 

The best statement Joe and the guys can make tonight is that they will move the ball, attack the hoop, defend their man, rotate quickly when needed, and rebound the ball when opponents (and themselves) miss shots.

When they do that, I'll be interested in what they have to say in any "statement". Until then, it's the same old song...and believe me, at this point of the season, I know the lyrics by heart.

Exit Question(s): Am I off base here? Are you of the same belief as Joe that the Hawks/Magic game is a statement game?