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Atlanta Hawks News And Notes From Cleveland

Josh Smith says that his injured knee is still bothering him:

"It gets sore as I play on it," Smith said. "That day off after that back-to-back was big for me. I needed the rest. It’s probably not going to be 100 percent at this point. I will just get it treated as much as I can and rest it when I can."

We still don't completely know the extent of Smith's knee injury and at times it looks like it slows him on the court. 

Ken Sugiura reports that coach Drew would like to be able to reduce minutes for some of his players with nagging injuries such as Smith and Al Horford

If and when theHawks secure the No. 5 spot, Drew said he'd like to reduce minutes for players with nagging injuries, such as Horford (ankle, hamstring) and Smith (knee), but not necessarily sit them altogether.

Probably a good plan given the amount of minutes that the starters have soaked up of late. 

Another great quote from Smith on his shot selection:

"I’m trying to drive the ball a little bit more," he said. "I think it’s a positive for the team and a positive for my game. I can’t think about [the knee]. It makes me play worse. I’ve got to go out there and try to play the way I’m capable."

This quote is from before the New Jersey game on Saturday. 

Marvin Williams on his season high 31 points on Sunday against Cleveland:

"I got going early and [Drew] kept coming to me, my teammates kept coming to me," Williams said. "I had a big night, our team had a big night."

Larry Drew comments on the Cleveland win not being the test the Hawks need to pass:

"When teams get us down, we haven’t responded well," he said. "That, to me, will be the ultimate test for us, when we withstand a run by teams of those caliber (like Orlando) and are able to push our way through it."

This is the biggest question that has been surrounding this team the entire season in my opinion.