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Instant Reaction: Sixers 105, Hawks 100

Quick Thought: Finding new ways to lose the same way.


It's something that used to happen a lot earlier in the season a decade ago, and was felt in the Milwaukee series last year, even before the sweep at the mericiless hands of Orlando.

That something is the feeling of inevitability, lack of concern, lack of connection, lack of hope for the home team.

As every emotional fan does, I reserve the right to jump back on the bandwagon should they right the ship, but as of now, it's hope for the best, expect the worst, and see you next season.

But what hope is there for the team when they look as even more uninterested and disconnected than even I claim to be watching them? Right now it's let's see if we can win and if we fall behind, oh well, getcha the next time. There's no fight right now--from the players or the coach.

Tell me this---is there any team in the East who wouldn't want to play the Hawks right now? 

The Hawks carried a lead into the fourth quarter and then, when the Sixers attacked, the Hawks looked completely disinterested in turning back the momentum and played as if they couldn't stand each other.

It's hard to avoid broad sweeping platitudes of dissatisfaction after digesting a Hawks game right now, such is the level of basketball vulgarity emanating from the ATL right now.

Silver Linings:

  • If this keeps up, it's a heck of a story wondering who the new guy will be next year---we can still use the names from last season in our posts---most will still be relevant. 
  • It still beats watching Shareef, Big Dog, and Theo not be successful together. 
  • We have the rest of the league right where we want them come playoff time---not expecting anything resembling a playoff caliber team.
  • ...and we always wanted the 8th seed. Seriously.
  • Hey, for all Mike Bibby did for the team, we just wanted to make him feel good about himself. Here's to ya, Bibster!
  • In 10 years, this whole crew (owners likely included) will be gone, and we'll still be here. They can't fire us. We still have each other. Ha!! Let's Go Hawks!