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Instant Reaction: Bulls 385, Hawks 70

Overwhelming Thought: To use an overused, but decidedly appropriate, phrase, "The ship be sinking."


Yep, we called it early, like a Democratic victory in the heart of Chicago. Anytime the national broadcast crew is deciding how big a playoff casket you'll need in the first round and that the greatest things about your team's offseason is that it made it attractive for sale, you can go ahead and write this "precap".

There's nothing more to say, so let's move on.

Silver Lining:

Tie between "Feels good to be so right that we told you so", and "Chance to remember the good old days of the Mike Woodson era". Both hollow victories and a reality I really wish wasn't so.

Also, there's a chance for the team to prove me and all of the others wrong, but it's dwindling faster than confidence in the Larry Drew era.