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Atlanta Hawks Vs. Detroit Pistons: Game Day Audio

Those looking for answers about Jeff Teague may want to skip directly to the post game audio. It may not be what a lot Peachtree Hoops readers want to hear but Drew pretty much laid out the point guard situation going forward. To sum it up, Atlanta brought Kirk Hinrich here to be the point guard. Jamal Crawford is still in the sixth man of the year role no matter his play and is going to be rewarded with starters minutes. What that means is that the Hawks will essentially go with a three guard rotation with Teague getting minutes sporadically. I thought this audio came out well and there is some good stuff here to discuss. 

Larry Drew Pre-Game Pistons:

  • Starting Lineup
  • Bench Production with Marvin Starting
  • Zaza Pachulia
  • Jeff Teague
  • Match Ups and Starting Lineup going forward
  • Tracy McGrady
  • What needs to be fixed?
  • How to avoid being labeled as soft?

Larry Drew Post-Game Pistons


  • 3rd quarter 
  • Zaza Pachulia contributions of late
  • Jeff Teague's absence
  • Hinrich is the Point Guard
  • Sticking to the Program
  • Taking the ball to the basket
  • More on Jeff Teague
  • Trying to get Jamal Crawford back on track
  • Rotations
  • Points in the paint
  • Joe Johnson more decisive