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Embattled Hawks Hold Players-Only Meeting Saturday

Is Kirk Hinrich the leader this Hawks team needs? (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Is Kirk Hinrich the leader this Hawks team needs? (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Ken Sugiura talks about the Hawks need for take-charge leadership in post to the AJC today. 

On Saturday, perhaps, was a start. Horford called a players-only meeting after the team's Saturday morning practice. If minutes were kept, Horford wasn't about to share them, but he allowed "I think it's something that I think we're going to make a bigger effort on trying to keep each other accountable."

At least some of the players recognize that there is a problem and are trying to correct it. Are the problems even fixable? A Yahoo Sports team report from yesterday hits the nail on the head in regards to this team in my opinion.

Something is broken. Every man in the Hawks' locker room knows it and they have no idea how to fix it. But there is no question that something is broken.The same team that finished January 9-4 has regressed since then and today looks like a team full of strangers trying to figure each other out on the fly. Whatever trust that was forged earlier this season, through training camp and all that they do, has been breached. Perhaps it's been done in by ego, or even jealousy. No one knows. 

I think this short paragraph sums up the Hawks struggles well. The problems are identifiable but a solution isn't easy. Particularly when there seems to be several different ideas about fixing it. It is fair to mention that sometimes these things just don't work but if there is any hope left for this season then sacrifices are going to have to be made.  

An interesting quote from Josh Smith from Sugiura's article:

Said forward Josh Smith, "I think that we're afraid to hurt people's feelings."

Wonder if his feelings would be hurt if the other players asked him to stop taking outside jump shots? After all it might not be what Smith wants to do but if it would help the team isn't that the kind of sacrifice that I am talking about above? 

As much as this team needs accountability and leadership it is also important that it find direction. They need a singular goal and they need to pursue it as a team. Too often on offense it doesn't look like anything is a priority. More so the players have to get back to taking advantage of their strengths so that their weaknesses aren't so apparent. 

Lost in Sugiura's article was any mention of Kirk Hinrich. Perhaps Hinrich is exactly what this team needs right now. A voice from the outside who isn't part of the inner circle just yet. Maybe his voice is needed but the question is, would players like Josh Smith accept what he was to say? That in itself is probably the answer to whether or not the Hawks can salvage this season.