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NBA Power Rankings: Hawks At No. 16 In SB Nation Rankings

Here is this week's roundup.

Tom Ziller of SB Nation has the Hawks at No. 16 which is up one spot from last week:

16. Atlanta Hawks (38-28, Prev: #17) -- Marvin Williams' yo-yo career continues. A disappointment early, he played well enough to earn a fat contract extension. Now, he's barely at 10 points per game. He's not as bad as his numbers look, but that's an argument difficult to make so long as his numbers are so bad.

I wondered aloud the other day about Marvin's role diminishing. Question. Is it smart for Atlanta to reduce Marvin's role considering that he is a player that they will likely shop this offseason. Are they hurting his trade value even more? 

Marc Stein of drops the Hawks two spots to No. 14 this week:

Sekou Smith of, who's been tracking the Hawks for years, did the painful research and calculated that Kirk Hinrich is their ninth PG since the 2005 draft ... when Billy Knight didn't take D-Will or CP3.

While a lot of Atlanta fans are tired of talking about CP3 and the missed opportunity, that is a staggering number of point guards that have gone through this Hawks franchise since that draft. 

John Schuhmann of drops Atlanta one spot to No. 16:

Atlanta (38-28)
Pace: 91.9 (27), Off: 103.2 (21), Def: 103.6 (13)
The Hawks' offense had been awful (second worst in the league) since the All-Star break and reached a new low with just 61 total points over four quarters against the Bulls and Blazers. But then, with Jamal Crawford finally finding a rhythm, they went off for 58 in the second half against Portland.

We have talked at length about the Hawks defensive struggles this season but it isn't a secret that the offense has been a big problem since the All-Star break. 

John Hollinger of has the Hawks at No. 17 in his daily power Rankings.