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DNP This: Jeff Teague does the ridiculous in 12 seconds. (w/video evidence)

The Atlanta Hawks beat the Portland Trail Blazers Saturday night. That, my friends, has been well documented. Well, ok, somewhat decently accounted for.

Also well documented are the flaws that the teams nurses, carries, and sometimes, in my opinion only of course, embraces.

But when the team wins, on some level, such analytics and "reality" can be cast aside, for surely that will remain to dwell on another day.

And, because we may not be able to bear witness to his talent on a regular basis, as there is no guarantee that he will either play such minutes or at such a level again, let us instead celebrate the incredible-ness that was 12 of the final 13 seconds of the first quarter Saturday night against Portland, authored by Jeff Teague.


It was, as I think I wrote, surreal. For a few game seconds, Teague owned the floor. Never seen anything like it for the Hawks and the only thing I can compare it to that I saw was the most obvious: Reggie Miller against the Knicks.

Steal, foul, made free throw. Steal, dunk. Steal, three. 12 seconds, six points, three steals. Bravo.


Exit Question: Have you ever witnessed such a sequence before? My only comparable are the aforementioned Reggie Miller winning time show against the Knicks and Rodney Rogers scoring a bundle for the Nuggets to win a game. 


Update:  As xavip and dstdeelite mention in the comments, TMac did a dirty 13 against the Spurs in 35 seconds while with the Rockets in 2004. Worth watching, for sure. Incredible shotmaking by an all-time scorer.