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Mike Bibby Headed to Miami?

Say it ain't so, Mike. Et tu, Bibster?

Horrible that Bibby, who was sent off so well by Kris soon after the trade deadline, would be back so soon to haunt the Hawks in the uni of a division rival, the hated Heat.

Horrible that the Heat are now listed anytime a name free agent hits the market, as if they have 172 roster spots and unlimited room to sign everyone. "All Aboard!" Grrrrrrr.

Now there is the other side of the coin which is that the Hawks, like many teams against them, could use this as a possible attack on the Heat, stressing their top-o-the-league defense. Of course, that would imply the Hawks would play point guards that attack...or even just, point guards. Never mind, I'm getting upset.

It makes sense that Mike would pick a contender, but it seems like he would be more comfortable in a more defensive friendly Western Conference.

Exit Question: If the Bibster goes Eastern Conference and picks a team like the Magic or Heat, what difference does he make on the playoffs?