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Pape Sy Quietly Developing In The NBA D-League

It has been awhile since we last checked in on Atlanta's Pape Sy. Sy made his debut for the NBA D-League's Utah Flash back on January 1st. Since then he has played in twenty-two games while starting eleven of those contests. For the Flash, Sy is averaging eight points, 3.5 rebounds, and 1.3 assists per contest. After struggling with his shot initially, Sy has his shooting percentage up to 43%. His free throw percentage is a solid 74%. As his shooting percentage has gone up his turnovers have begun to come down.

Perhaps more importantly, the Flash have started to play much better with a lot of their players settling in after a flurry of injuries and call-ups unsettled the roster. Utah has now won six games in a row and would currently be the seventh seed if the playoffs began today. Sy has settled into being one of the first guys off the bench and has provided nothing necessarily spectacular but has been solid. If the Flash make the playoffs it will mean more quality basketball for Sy as the Hawks have given no indication that they will recall him until after the D-League season is over. 

If you would like to catch Pape Sy in action then you have an opportunity today while you are awaiting Atlanta's late west coast start time. Utah will be taking on the Reno Bighorns today at 6 p.m. ET. The game can be watched on the web via NBA Futurecast.