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FanHouse: Hawks Players React To Trade

FanHouse NBA writer Brett Pollakoff captures the reaction of several key players to the Washington trade.

Jamal Crawford

"I was a little shocked," "I knew something could possibly happen but ... you know, those guys, they're like family. You spend so much time with them over the course of the year. Mo, Mike, and Jordan, they're like family. I wish them nothing but the best." 

Josh Smith

"All three of those guys had become brothers to us," Smith said. "We're kind of sad, we are sad that they're leaving. We wanted to win this game, we knew that Bibby asked for all the tickets before we came. Unfortunately we made the trade before he was able to play in front of his home crowd. I wish those guys good luck."

Joe Johnson

"I guess we'll kind of have to wait and see what happens," Johnson said. "Anytime a trade goes down ... I don't know really what to say. We let three guys, three good guys go who I've become really good friends with. But at the same time, we understand the business aspect of this profession that we chose, knowing that trades happen. Sometimes, some of your teammates have to go opposite ways and you have to deal with it."

There is more in the article so be sure and check it out. Bibby was a leader in that clubhouse so you knew that any trade that involved him should get everyone's attention. Lets hope that is the case and that the team can get things turned around and headed back in the right direction.