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Instant Reaction: Suns 105, Hawks 97

Quick Thought: Switching, failed offensive policies, and Channing Frye render a Hawks 4th quarter rally moot.


The Hawks launched a comeback in the fourth quarter, from a margin which might normally have sparked a group shutdown (18 points) in previous games. They did this in large part due to their usual long jump shots going in  (6-7 from 19+ feet as they fought to tie the game) and forcing the Suns to commit (5) early quarter turnovers. 

When the low percentage shots eventually evened out for the quarter (0-3 from 19+ feet after the tie at 92), the Hawks outturnovered the Suns (2-0 after the 92 tie), and the Hawks defensive switching allowed the Suns to score with ease (5-7 after the tie) with Channing Frye (6 of the Suns final 13 points), the Suns outscored the Hawks 13-5 to protect their home court.


I'll touch on the Hawks roster move in another post, but this team looks terribly flat and uninspired. Larry Drew's relatively inexpensive contract and lack of long term security has this team looking disconnected and stale.  That they continue to try and win games the same way, by launching 20 footer after 20 footer, will not get consistent results against the type of schedule they are seeing now and will throughout the rest of the season. Consider my 50 win pre-season prediction now "shaky".

Silver Lining:

Who's ready for some Kirk Hinrich