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Trade Rumors: Hawks Interested In New Jersey's Devin Harris?

According to the AJC's Michael Cunningham, the Hawks are casting a wide net over potential help at the point guard position. Cunningham reports that Atlanta has inquired about a possible trade with New Jersey for their starting point guard Devin Harris.

Harris would be a clear upgrade for Atlanta at the point guard position as it would be adding an All-Star caliber talent to the lineup. Harris is currently averaging 15 points and 7.6 assists for the Nets.

Cunningham speculates in his post that Jamal Crawford would be the likely candidate going to New Jersey as they are one of the teams that is thought of being interested in signing him this off-season.

Jamal Crawford seems to be the obvious candidate because his expiring $10.1 million contract would allow the Nets to carve out even more cap space for next season–they have just $37 million in committed salaries. Also, the Nets are said to be one of the teams interesting in signing Crawford if he becomes a free agent this summer. But so far there’s been no indication that Sund is looking to move Crawford.

If the Hawks landed the Harris for Crawford swap, then by my math, the move would still keep them out of the luxury tax for this season. It however would push them over the tax line next season once Al Horford's contract extension kicks in. Of course the climate for next season may change drastically anyway with the CBA negotiations this summer. Harris is due 9.3 million for next season and 8.5 million in 2012-2013. Harris turns 28 this Sunday.