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Atlanta Hawks Sports Bars: Which Atlanta Area Bars Are Good For Hawks Viewing?

Peachtree Hoops in conjunction with SB Nation is looking for the best Atlanta area sports bars for watching your local teams.

Given that the Atlanta Hawks have given fans the need to drink so often we figure you guys know better than anyone. While Taco Mac is a very good option and one that will definitely make the list given that is a part of Philips Arena we are looking for other places as well. In fact it doesn't even have to be in Atlanta. It can be in any city where fans might want to get together for a playoff game.

Fans that have a submission are welcome to post it in the comments thread here or can post it in this nifty little spreadsheet that we have cooked up for you.

In the coming weeks there will be a new directory feature that we will be rolling out that can help guide you to an appropriate place to watch the Atlanta Hawks with other fans that you might not have known about.