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Hawks Among Three Teams Interested In Cleveland's Ramon Sessions

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Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk runs down the Ramon Sessions trade rumors and says that the Hawks, Trailblazers, and Knicks have reportedly shown interest. Helin doesn't list any specific Hawks players as likely candidates headed to Cleveland but does say that Sessions to Atlanta makes a lot of sense for the Hawks. 

When discussing the trade yesterday, we wondered out loud what kind of defensive upgrade Sessions would be over Bibby. Helin touches on that subject in his post:

The question is on defense — is he a better defender than Bibby? The numbers on Synergy this season say no, and Byron Scott has been frustrated with Sessions’ defense in Cleveland. But Bibby has such better big men behind him covering up his mistakes than Sessions we find it hard to compare. Basically, we’re not sure Sessions can be worse than Bibby.

That isn't potentially what Hawks fans want to hear. 

Helin goes on to say in the article that the team that offers the best package of expiring contracts and or picks would likely be the front runner to obtain Sessions. Yahoo Sports goes a step further and suggests that the Hawks are offering a mere second round pick for Sessions. 

The paper also notes that the Atlanta Hawks are said to have interest in Sessions. Several sources say that the Hawks are offering a second-round pick for Sessions, but the Plain Dealer reports that that won't be enough. The Plain Dealer says that rookie Jordan Crawford(notes), whose big claim to fame is that he dunked on LeBron James(notes) a few summer camps ago, is a possibility.

Now I don't believe the second round pick offer is valid for two reasons. Atlanta has a full 15 man roster at the moment and would have to waive someone to make room for Sessions. Also by adding him for a draft pick it would push Atlanta well into the luxury tax which seems unlikely. The Hawks would probably rather push Jeff Teague into the trade rather than the rookie Jordan Crawford