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Trade Rumors: Are The Hawks Taking A Look At Ramon Sessions?

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According to a story that was originally reported by CBSSportsline's Ken Berger, and later expanded on by Matt Moore, the Atlanta Hawks could be have interest in Cleveland point guard Ramon Sessions


The Hawks are looking for guard help, and sources say they may be interested in the Cavs' Ramon Sessions. The feeling among rival execs is that the Hawks may be willing to spend up to or perhaps even a bit beyond the luxury-tax threshold if there's a deal that would significantly improve their chances in a playoff series with Boston, Orlando or Miami.


Jeff Teague has underwhelmed after a strong start, and Mike Bibby is, well, Mike Bibbly. Old, reliable, and old. Also can be old. Sessions would fit seamlessly with Atlanta and is the kind of athletic force on the break that could really mesh with Josh Smith and Al Horford. Sessions may have been part of the worst losing streak in NBA history, but he's also shooting 46% from the field this year and averaging 5 assists per game. On a team with actual players, who know what he could accomplish.  

Sessions is averaging 11.9 points per game along with 5.2 assists. He is shooting 46% from the field but has not hit a three pointer this season going 0-5. The long ball isn't his weapon and he understands that which could be a good thing. Offensively he would appear to mix well with the Hawks. Is he enough of a defensive upgrade? That I am not sure about but can he be any worse than the situation we have now? 

Now the other big question is what is the price? According to ShamSports, Sessions is making just under 4 million dollars this season with his salary growing to 4.2 million next season. There is an option for 2012 at 4.5 million. This is significant because Atlanta could potentially acquire Sessions without having to give up Jamal Crawford. The move however, could likely put them in the luxury tax and will a team whose owners are sounding the alarm on the other franchise they own be willing to forfeit tax money income? 

According to the trade machine a deal of Mo Evans and Jeff Teague for Ramon Sessions works and by my math still would keep the Hawks under the luxury tax. Neither CBSSportsline report above mentioned any players from the Hawks so any names I mention are just speculation. It is also fair to point out that the only named source was rival execs so handle rumors like this accordingly.