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AJC's Bradley Weighs In On Potential Hawks Lineup Changes

Atlanta Journal Constitution writer Mark Bradley weighs in on his thoughts about the Hawks and lineup changes. Bradley states that he thinks Marvin Williams is the most expendable asset in the starting lineup but doesn't advocate a move to the big lineup. He instead suggests inserting Mo Evans into the starting lineup. 

Sit Marvin. Let Mo Evans serve as a place-holder in the starting lineup. Let Williams do as Crawford does: Enter the game midway through the first quarter. If Marvin doesn’t like the assignment, too bad. He has had long enough — far too long, truth to tell — to render himself indispensable to this first five, and he hasn’t done it.

I will admit that it has worked in the past but I don't think that is necessarily the type of move that we are looking for here. Bradley also talks about the Mike Bibby versus Jeff Teague scenario but doesn't put a lot of stock anymore into Teague. 

Some folks regard  Bibby as the Hawks’ weakest starter and clamor for Jeff Teague. I would note that Teague’s workload has risen only two minutes a game from last season, and we don’t have Mike Woodson to kick around anymore. Apparently Drew is seeing the same things — or, perhaps more precisely, not seeing the same things — in Teague as did his predecessor. Which suggests that Teague might not be as good as Rick Sund had hoped.

The scary thing is he could be very much be right about Teague as a few people on this very site have suggested. My argument to this line of thinking is Teague has never been placed on the court and given a chance with regularity. There hasn't been a lot of rhyme or reason to his sporadic playing time as we have seen him sit through games where the opposition had lightning quick point guards and play in others when his presence wasn't as necessary. I contend that if the Hawks must improve from within without a trade then this is the only other viable option. Even going with the big lineup on a full time basis doesn't improve the perimeter defense and may in fact weaken it further.