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Mid-Western Snow Storm Threatens Wednesday's Raptors-Hawks Game

The Toronto Raptors are stranded in Indianapolis due to a midwest snowstorm that has prevented them from flying to Atlanta. Hawks PR man Arthur Triche tweeted about the situation earlier tonight.

The #Raptors are forced to stay in Indianapolis tonight as the weather prevents them from leaving. Here we go again...

SB Nation Atlanta Hawks writer Phil Foley has been following the situation as well.

A fierce winter storm has blanked over 2,100 miles of the United States from Texas all the way to the Northeast. The Indianapolis area was not spared the fury of this latest winter blast. Forecasters are expecting 1/4 to an inch of ice, plus a few inches of snow are expected to blanket the region on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Toronto was originally scheduled to fly to Atlanta following its loss to Indiana on Monday. That flight was cancelled as the winter storm was just beginning. The Raptors waited over five hours on Tuesday attempting to leave but were unable to do so. They will try again on Wednesday morning but at least at this point it appears it will be a long shot.

The Hawks previously had to reschedule a match up with Milwaukee when a snow storm engulfed Atlanta causing the game to be rescheduled for sometime in March.