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Filed under: Marvin Williams Takes Responsibility For Suspension

Hawks beat writer Michael Cunningham was at Philips Arena yesterday as Marvin Williams made his first public comments since being suspended for two games following an altercation with New York's Shawne Williams.

"There was just things going on throughout the game," Marvin said today in his first public comments since the incident. "I finally reacted, I guess. What happened has happened. I’ve obviously gotten my punishment. I accept full responsibility for what I did. Just move on from here."

Throughout that game there seemed to be a lot of talk back and forth between the two teams with the television broadcast at times picking up some language that I am sure some producer would have liked to have had the opportunity to edit out. Those of us that have followed Marvin's career know that the incident was completely out of character for him. 

Larry Drew told MC that perhaps something good could come from the altercation. 

I don’t condone fighting. But certainly you don’t want to be put into a situation where you feel things got tough and you backed away, because that will carry around the league. As a team you just don’t want that label.

While I doubt this incident has changed Atlanta's perception around the league I do understand what coach Drew is talking about. 

While the incident was clearly out of character for Marvin Williams perhaps he is a little on edge from what has been a difficult season. He injured his knee early in the season, came back and was playing pretty well when he hurt his back against the Warriors. Combine that with having to come off the bench as Drew has mixed up the lineups and maybe Marvin is a little more on edge than normal. Whatever the reason there was ever little doubt that Marvin wouldn't take responsibility for his actions and it is good to see him trying to move on from the incident.

The Hawks will be without Williams tomorrow night when they take on Toronto but should be back at full strength for Friday's game with the Clippers.