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2011 NBA Free Agent Scoreboard by SBNation

Follow along throughout the Free Agent season here at Peachtree Hoops, where we'll look at each day of the initial free agent frenzy and track who has signed where (with Color Coding!) as well as provide our own commentary along the way and how it may affect our Atlanta Hawks.

Here is a story stream, courtesy of our own SBNation, that you can also refer to for rumors and such. Enjoy!

In Addition, SBNation has our own Free Agency page, covering free agency/trades/Stern's whims like a blanket.

Also, here is an excellent breakdown of the Top 79 free agents, courtesy of Tom Ziller. Must read!

UPDATED: Awesome, awesome, awesome team by team free agent breakdown as well from Ziller. Stop here first before even thinking about free agents.

Day One 12/9 Headlines:

Shane Battier makes the Heat defense even tougher, even if it doesn't address pesky issues like size up front/rebounding and point guard play for the new over-cap-mid-level-exception price of 3 years, 9 million.

Caron Butler took 3 years and 24 million Clipper dollars when....

....Tayshaun Prince re-signed in Detroit for 4 years and 30 million which sent the Detroit Bad Boys into...well, not ecstasy. At least his Piston teammate, Jonas Jerebko, got 4 years, 16 million in relative DBB obscurity.

The Kings snagged Chuck Hayes for 4 years and 20 million and Sactown Royalty had to reassure that he's no Kenny Thomas.

Greg Oden is quietly going to give it one more year to make good in Portland for the 8.9M qualifying offer.

Mike Dunleavy, even quieter, is going to sneak into Milwaukee for 2 years, 7.5 million.

Shannon Brown left LA and is heading to the Suns for 1 year at 3.5 million and TJ Ford is San Antonio bound as a part of Vet Min Fever.

Speaking of Vet Min Fever, the Hawks got it all started by getting with Tracy McGrady, then Earl Watson, and finally the Twin of Twins, Jason Collins.

UPDATE: Looks like not even the signing of Jamaal Tinsley could keep Earl Watson from going back to Utah.

Finally, Tyson Chandler became the first of the big money free agents to land in another city, heading to the Knicks for a reported 4 year, 58 million dollar deal.

Whew---we will keep updating as much as possible as rumors come in....check in regularly for that latest news, links, and of course, Free Agent Scoreboard updates. Enjoy!


As teams near the 2pm start time for signings, there is word that the Magic will receive Glen Davis from the Celtics for Brandon Bass in a SNT. 4 years, 26 million, according to Marc Spears (Yahoo!)

Phoenix retains Grant Hill, and conversely, he retains their medicine men, who have kept him upright as a Sun for 1 year, 6.5 million.

Per Chris Broussard (ESPN), Marcus Thornton remains in Sacramento for 5 years, 40 million. Possibly hitting a snag, per Sam Amick.

Sixers close to keeping Thaddeus Young, Kate Fegan reports via Twitter Almighty. 5 years, 43 million with the fifth year being player option.

Noted Hawk Hater Vince Carter has been waived, according to Paul Coro (AZ Republic). The move saves the Suns around 636 million dollars. He has been added to the scoreboard with his 14.8 PER.

Celtics pick up Chrix Wilcox for Vet Min Fever. That's a good min signing.

Pistons bought out Rip Hamilton, meaning he is now a free agent, with Chicago allegedly in pursuit. He can be found in the 15.8 section of our PER column.

UPDATE 12.11: Even if the links don't keep up with the fast paced compressed offseason, the scoreboard keeps updating----check out the Scoreboard for signings like the offer sheet signed and matched for Luc Richard Mbah a Moute by the Bucks, a great low-rent speculation signing of Brandan Wright by the Mavs, the 1 year, 9 million dollar deal by the C's for Jeff Green, and others---also hit those SBNation links at the top for updated Story Streams and more news!


Daivd West, a 2 year, 20 million dollar deal to the Pacers? Interesting (and sane) terms to the deal.

Marc Gasol was Houston bound after signing his lucrative offer sheet, but then Memphis took the check instead.

JJ Barea struck Minnesota gold--for 4 years, no less, meaning Minnesota may only draft two point guards next year instead of a half dozen.

The Warriors signed DeAndre Jordan to a 4 year, 42.7 million dollar offer sheet.


Overnight, the Mavericks done did it and signed Delonte West to a 1 year deal.

Kwame Brown...a player I thought the Hawks could get in Vet Min Fever, got a 1 year, 7 million dollar deal from the Golden State Warriors. Ye gods.

The other top FA signs...per Marc Stein, Nene back to Denver for 5 years, 67 million.


Somehow, I missed first ballot Hawk Hating HOF Vince Carter signing for 3 years with Dallas for the mini-MLE.


Richard Hamilton joins the Bulls for 3 years---the last of which is a team option.

Alas, poor Hawks fans, Jamal Crawford is gone to Portland for a 2 year, 10 million dollar deal, the second year of which is Jamal's option.


Much to catch up on!

First, on the restricted free agent market, Marco Belinelli and Nick Young signed their one year qualifying offers for 3.3 and 3.7 respectively, meaning both will be UFA next offseason.

Arron Afflalo, however, struck it rich by staying in Denver, scoring a 5 year, 43 million dollar deal, bringing to mind a similar deal done by the Hawks a few offseasons ago when Marvin Williams was a RFA.

Baron Davis clear the amnestization waiver wire and chose to sign the mini-MLE with the Knicks (1 year, 2.5 million. He'll join Steve Novak, the 3-pt specialist who will likely sign the vet min deal for one year.

Finally, Peja Stojakovic decided to retire rather than join Vet Min fever.


Woj at Y!Sports just tweeted that Kris Humphries signed for 1 year, 7-8 million and will head back to the Nets.

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