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Jamal Crawford not happy to get the silent treatment from Atlanta Hawks

<strong>Sad Emoticon.</strong>
Sad Emoticon.

Most of us know the story:

Jamal Crawford was pilfered from the Golden State Warriors for the last 2 years of the 7 year, 55 million dollar contract (a SNT, btw) bestowed upon him by the Chicago Bulls as they shipped him to the New York Knicks.

To acquire Jamal, Hawks GM Rick Sund had to part with magic beans by the names of Speedy Claxton and Acie Law.

And with that, Sund replaced the otherwise useful Ronald "Flip" Murray with Jamal and banked that he would somehow be a more efficient player than he career had defined to date, 4 point baskets and 50 point outburts notwithstanding.

And he did.

Jamal played his finest season during his first season with the Hawks, under the go-ahead-and-shoot-it mentality of offensively starved isolationist coach Mike Woodson. His play led to a 6th man trophy and Crawford first ever appearance in the playoffs.

Last season, his first under Larry Drew, saw a regression back to Crawford's more established levels of contribution and playing somewhat out of position as a backup point guard along the way.

Some things were made about wanting an extension, but Sund demurred, preferring to wait, presumably, until the rocky CBA agreement was worked out and there was an understanding about where the salary cap would be, and Sign and Trades (SNT), etc.

Now that all that stinky smoke has cleared, the Hawks now face the well documented financial dilemma regarding Crawford: He's going to command a somewhat large dollar, multi year deal and the Hawks have already spent too much money on the guys already under contract and would have to pay the luxury tax to retain Crawford's service.

So far, nobody is sure of their direction. Sign and Trade, bringing back someone with a lesser salary who can help the team and yet still fit under the cap trade rules? Let him go and get nothing? Or sign him and pay the tax to maintain the status quo?

Nice story, eh?

It's the kind of story ordinary fans who care only about that game or that season and have no interest in the types of things that kept those games and this season in jeopardy for the last couple of months tend to hang onto. They focus on the really cool stuff in the right now, with no regard to later. This isn't wrong, mind you, but it conflicts with those whose focus is on not just this year, but subsequent years as well.

It's those ordinary fans that see the crazy, ankle breaking dribbling and the amazing 4 point plays. They're the ones that trust, unconditionally and nonsensically, Jamal with the ball, 30 feet from the basket, with under two seconds to go.

And it's those kind of fans that have been reaching out to Jamal Crawford via Twitter and begging him to stay...and Jamal is telling them all that, doggone it, he might not be wanted in the ATL and that he will to go...ummm...just about anywhere.

A selection for your pleasure--hit that Twitter for even more.

@JCrossoverJamal Crawford "@k_lewis93: @JCrossover I know you have been talking to a lot of teams but any chance on wearing the Pacers jersey next year?"--yes!

jarradejones Jarrad Jones @JCrossover The Pacers?? I think Chris Carter and Keyshawn Johnson would say it best...C'mon Man! LOL #GS Warriors2 hours ago

in reply to @jarradejones ↑

@JCrossoverJamal Crawford @jarradejones --lol! Whoever wants to talk I'm willing to listen..that's what happens when ur own team is confused

@imsoRAW12ryan walkerI respect Tracy mcgrady but damn what bout the best sixth man in league@JCrossover disappoitned Hawks fan right now

JCrossover Jamal Crawford "@DavidBaumann33: @JCrossover .. Magic on your list? Go ahead and make it public haha"--WHOEVER has me on their list, their on mine.4 hours ago

@JCrossoverJamal Crawford "@EricSilver34: @JCrossover r you done with the Hawks :'("--i honestly don't know...

JCrossover Jamal Crawford "@mbillups: @JCrossover Who do we need to say what to in order to get the #Hawks to give you the right deal to stay?"--talk to ownership!

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