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NBA Trade Rumors: Atlanta And Chicago Reportedly Discussing Jamal Crawford Sign And Trade

Trading Places?  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Trading Places? (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Jamal Crawford has garnered plenty of free agent interest around the league but the Chicago Bulls may be stepping up as the front runner. Hoopsworld's Steve Kyler is reporting that the Hawks and the Bulls are discussing a potential sign-and-trade deal for Crawford centered around Ronnie Brewer.

Brewer played in 81 games for the Bulls last season averaging 6.2 points per game while hitting 48 percent of his shots. He is listed at 6-foot-7, 220lbs and would theoretically be able to swing between the shooting guard and small forward positions at times. Brewer has career scoring averages of 9.4 points and is a career 51 percent shooter. Brewer is set to make $4.7 million this season although that number will be prorated due to the shortened season.

Alex Sonty of Blog A Bull talks about the rumored deal:

I'm weary to jump at a package including Brewer to get Crawford from the Hawks -- as Crawford likely wouldn't sign for the $5 mid-level exemption, when he can make maybe 50-80% more per season elsewhere. But this is likely because the Hawks are more interested in Brewer than Korver, so the wiggle room likely isn't there.

Consistent, trustworthy leaks over the past two seasons that Crawford's overwhelmingly eager to win a championship pushes me toward the fence of buying such a deal. But if Taj or Omer are demanded in the package, pretty sure the Bulls would be smartest to pass -- and we should expect they will. Also, neither Taj nor Omer make enough for a trade to be legal under the salary cap rules. The only package I can really see working out with the dollars is Korver or C.J. Watson in the package with Brewer; under which case, the Bulls begin shopping for another guard to come off the bench.

With Kirk Hinrich injured, the Hawks need guards and Brewer could be regarded as the anti-Jamal Crawford. He is a defender that is going to pick and choose his offensive opportunities. The most interesting aspect might be what the Hawks ask for in addition to Brewer. I think it is unlikely that the Bulls would part with either of the bigs mentioned in Taj Gibson or Omer Asik. However, Korver could provide that long range marksman that the Hawks haven't had in an eternity while C.J. Watson could also be helpful at the point guard position. What the package would look like would depend on what size of a contract Crawford would agree to.

Exit Question: How would you feel about a sign-and-trade deal sending Jamal Crawford to the Bulls for a package centered around Ronnie Brewer?

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