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Cunningham: Josh Smith Still Unhappy

Lets just cut straight to the chase. Michael Cunningham weighed in on the report that Josh Smith was still unhappy with the Atlanta Hawks and speculates that a change in scenery might be necessary.

It's true Josh still is unhappy, and the reasons go beyond internal and external criticism of his play and extend into concerns about team chemistry. It seems as if he simply could use a change of scenery. That doesn't mean it's going to happen.

Now this is the first time that I can remember someone pointing to team chemistry as a reason for Josh's unhappiness. Josh Smith is easily the Atlanta Hawks' most intriguing and frustrating player and I have been all over the map when it comes to discussing a possible trade. On one hand I wonder if he can ever realize his full potential but on the other hand I recognize just how under appreciated he is at times in Atlanta.

A Smith trade may be inevitable but as Cunningham suggests it isn't certain. That places extra pressure on Larry Drew and the coaching staff to get the team to perform despite these perceived "chemistry issues." If Atlanta decides to trade Smith then they would likely have plenty of options but they can not afford for the situation to deteriorate so bad that it hurts the value of the package that they get coming back.

Perhaps what plagues the Hawks internally is salvageable. If not then the Hawks will likely be forced to act sooner rather than later.

Last season training camp began amid a Jamal Crawford sign me or trade me demand. It appears this season's training camp storyline is just a continuation of the end of last season's.