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Yahoo's Wojnarowski: Josh Smith still seeking trade

To those who have been frustrated with Josh's well documented deficiencies as an all-around player, careful what you wish for, you may get it.

Deep within Adrian's latest free agent buzz piece, comes this:

Smith still seeking trade from Hawks

Josh Smith hasn't changed his mind on a future with his hometown Atlanta Hawks: He believes he's probably run his course with Atlanta. Without an owner committed to making the changes to push this team past its second-round Eastern Conference ceiling, sources said he'd still welcome the team putting him into a trade.

Rival executives say GM Rick Sund has told them everyone is available for deals, although Sund's most reluctant to move Al Horford. There had been serious discussions between Atlanta and the Minnesota Timberwolves for Smith around the NBA draft, but they never materialized.

Some interesting tidbits there, beginning with the notion that he's run his course with the Hawks. Has he? Probably not what a franchise which famously spent 124 million dollars to maintain this core (not to mention the unwise millions on Mike Bibby, Zaza Pachulia, and Marvin Williams) wants to believe.

Smith is still a young player in his prime, he only turns 26 next Monday, who while he has his bad habits, is still a very efficient, productive player. One would think that a franchise would do everything in its power to find the right combination of coaching to maximize Smith's talents rather than throwing in the towel and dealing him away in his prime, especially if such a deal brings back 75 cents on the dollar.

At least there is hesitancy around dealing Horford, who while showing the likely ceiling of his potential last year, is also young and efficient, and the team's best defender.

Exit Question: Is any even a little surprised that anyone and everyone is on the table, according to this report?

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