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NBA Lockout: Are Billy Hunter And David Stern The Only Ones Pushing For A Deal? Updated

Interesting quote by Billy Hunter from a Chris Sheridan post about David Stern and the NBA Lockout. In the article Hunter suggests that Stern is being held hostage by the owners and says that he may not have the power that he once had.

"My concern, what I'm trying to determine, is whether or not David may be a hostage in his own camp," Hunter said. "That's what kind of concerns me. He may not have the sway that he once had. He's been a hell of a commissioner, but it's not the first time I've made this statement of whether he has the control and sway that he has historically had."

I think there is some merit to this quote but Hunter isn't going to admit that the same thing is true about him. After all until recently there were more questions coming from union members about the concessions that Hunter had made in negotiations. Even now the players are exploring decertification that in effect would remove Hunter from his position.

Both of these guys are under fire now and neither may be able to get a deal completed.

10:23 am update - ESPN's Chris Broussard is reporting that the league and the union are finalizing the details for a meeting today that would most likely begin around 1pm.