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Real Games Lost #3, Atlanta Hawks Vs. Chicago Bulls

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The Atlanta Hawks were scheduled to take on the Chicago Bulls tonight in what would have been a rematch of last season's Eastern Conference Semifinals that was won by the Bulls. Not much would have changed for the two clubs as both would likely return their core pieces to the game depending on what happens with Jamal Crawford and the Hawks.

To continue our discussion about Jeff Teague, it was against the Bulls that Teague enjoyed his coming out party after being thrust into the starting lineup because of an hamstring injury to Kirk Hinrich. Having Kirk available to play in that series would have helped the Hawks but it would have also likely relegated Teague to the bench. If tonight's game would have happened, you would likely have seen Teague and Hinrich on the floor together at some point which would be one of the better backcourt defensive combinations employed by the Hawks in sometime.

Tonight would have also been an opportunity for Al Horford to redeem himself from a somewhat lackluster showing in the Eastern semis. Whether it was fatigue from a long season or an undisclosed injury, Horford didn't look like Al Horford in the series and you have to believe that he would have been chomping at the bit to take the floor tonight against his old college teammate Joakim Noah.

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