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SI's Lowe: Amnesty cannot be used on traded-for players

From's Zach Lowe, who has been bringing the detail regarding some of the new wrinkles of the as-yet-not-final agreement, comes this interesting tidbit on the amnesty provision.

@ZachLowe_SI Clarification from league: Teams CANNOT use amnesty on a player they acquire via trade, even if player's contract dates to prior CBA

How does this affect the Hawks? Well, if a team were to make a big deal with the Hawks and had someone like Marvin Williams in the deal with the thought that they could amnestize him then that possible angle is now no-go.

Ditto Joe Johnson, not that a team would necessarily consider that but let's say that the a team like the Bulls wanted to bring Joe in with the thought that they would use Joe to make a big run for the next couple of seasons and then they would amnestize Johnson and the remainder of his deal, then according to this wrinkle, that cannot be done.

A more national example could be if the Magic traded Hedo Turkoglu as a part of a Dwight Howard package, the receiving team could not amnestize Turkoglu when they received him.

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