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2011 NBA Free Agent Scoreboard: UPDATED 12/1's not June, but it is our favorite time of the season, free agency!

Follow along throughout the Free Agent season here at Peachtree Hoops, where we'll look at each day of the initial free agent frenzy and track who has signed where (with Color Coding!) as well as provide our own commentary along the way and how it may affect our Atlanta Hawks.

Here is a story stream, courtesy of our own SBNation, that you can also refer to for rumors and such. Enjoy!

UPDATED w/an excellent breakdown of the Top 79 free agents, courtesy of Tom Ziller. Must read!

12/1 UPDATE: Woj's Yahoo! Free Agent Buzz is here.

Players are sorted by their last season's PER (or in Greg Oden's case, career PER).

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