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Sheridan: Atlanta Hawks Could Offer Enticing Package For Chris Paul

ESPN's Chris Sheridan begins what is sure to be a reoccurring theme this season right up to when New Orleans point guard Chris Paul either signs an extension with the Hornets or gets traded to another team. Broussard talks about New York's desire for the point guard but points out that there are other teams out there that Paul would consider signing an extension with.

Sheridan stops short of putting the Atlanta Hawks on that list but does say that Paul is fond of the city of Atlanta and the Hawks could offer New Orleans an enticing package.

The Atlanta Hawks are another team that could offer New Orleans an enticing package of, say, Marvin Williams and Jeff Teague. It’s not known whether Paul would consider signing an extension with the Hawks but he is known to be fond of the city of Atlanta.

I am not sure if a package of Jeff Teague and Marvin Williams would satisfy the Hornets enough to get them to pull the trigger as the Hawks would likely have to offer more. No doubt New Orleans would likely ask for either Josh Smith or Al Horford depending on whether or not they are able to bring back David West. However, if Jeff Teague continues to impress the way he did in the Chicago series, then it might not be a far fetched as it seems at first glance.

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