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2011-12 NBA Schedule Outlined By New York Times' Howard Beck

New York Times' NBA writer is reporting details of the new condensed NBA schedule via his twitter account. Here are the details according to Beck:

  • The NBA will play 66 games with the regular season running from December 25 through April 26. Teams will average about 3.9 games per week which is up from 3.5 per week during a normal season.
  • Each team will play at least one back-to-back-to-back set pf games and up to three during the season. No details on what teams but this could have a significant effect on a team in terms of injury and such.
  • Each team will play 48 games in their own conference and 18 games out of conference.
  • Every second-round playoff series will have at least one back-to-back set of games.

Any guesses as to how many back-to-back-to-back sets of games the Hawks end up with? Here is to also hoping that one of the annual West Coast trips also gets wiped out.

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