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NBA Lockout Resolution Sets Frantic Offseason In Motion

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The NBA Lockout will be over soon after the NBA and the union agreed to a deal that will set in motion the settling of the antitrust lawsuits and the reformation of the NBPA. Both the owners and the players association will then have to ratify the deal.

SB Nation's NBA writer Tom Ziller lays out what to expect in the coming days. First up is that the remaining details of the agreement will be worked out on Saturday and over the next 10 days the league will release modified schedule that is expected to begin on Christmas Day in front of a National TV audience.

Expect training camps to open and free agency to begin on December 9 where as Ziller describes we can expect a flurry of activity.

December 9: Stern indicated Saturday morning that training camps would open December 9. Also on that date, free agency is expected to open up. The free agent class of 2011 is relatively weak, especially compared to the 2010 version. But there is still plenty at stake, especially in the trade game as the lockout deal reportedly loosens trade rules.

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