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Blindsided by Sanity: The Show can now go on

We asked to be awakened when it was over.

We asked to only concern us when it meant games on the NBA floors on an NBA schedule.

Now that it appears to be over, and that sanity has finally prevailed, we can get back to the regular business of Peachtree Hoops: Complaining about ownership, bad contracts, and feeling stuck in the first round mud.

Honestly, what you'll see is what we had hoped to provide already by now, but was too locked out to do anything about it.

This includes:

Rebooting our previews

Building the free agent scoreboard and tracking through the accelerated free agency period

The usual excellent game threads, featuring the best blog commenters in the free and liberty deprived worlds

Instant reactions and next morning recaps of games played

And, since we'll assume you're going to be extremely fired up because the NBA s back, we'll have some book reviews and highly opinionated commentary for you to digest as well.

Excited? Ready? I know I am.

Exit Question: What will it take to get you fully back into the mix?

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