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NBA Lockout: Thursday Negotiations Open Thread

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The NBA Lockout negotiations are scheduled to resume at noon on Thursday. Wednesday's talks lasted for 12 hours and as I talked about earlier, it seems that both sides are pushing hard to make a deal. Whether or not they can clear that last remaining hurdle remains to be seen but the negotiations are entering a critical juncture.

It is possible that the two sides could keep negotiating into the weekend but if these talks break down without a deal then the situation will become extremely volatile with the players association likely seeking decertification which is a lengthy process that could put the 2011-12 season in jeopardy.

I have tried to remain neutral on the situation as I disagree with both sides on many issues. Personally I don't think the union has done a great job in handling these negotiations but from my understanding of what I am reading, they have given some pretty big concessions in these negotiations. I have to feel that it is time for the owners to move on the remaining issues so that we can get back to what is important.

We will be posting updates here throughout today's negotiations so consider this an open thread for lockout discussion.

Update - David Aldridge reports that all parties have arrived and that negotiations should be underway

Update 5:27 pm - Former Knicks President went on ESPN radio and reported that the deal was in place but Ken Berger, David Aldridge and Steve Aschburner all denying.

Update 8:45 pm - Ken Berger updates that some progress made on the mid-level but other system issues are still hurdles that have to be cleared.

Update 10:05 pm - Lockout talks have now covered 22 hours in the last two days but according to David Aldridge a long list of issues still remain.

Update 10:30 pm - Adrian Wojnarowski reports that David Stern will deliver the Union with a new proposal based on the current negotiating points over the last two days.

Update 11:20 pm - Talks end with league presenting a revised proposal that the union will take back to its representatives.