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Peachtree Hoops Goes Black and White In Response To NBA Lockout

If you visited Peachtree Hoops for the first time this morning you may have noticed a different look to the site. That is because Peachtree Hoops along with the other SB Nation NBA Blogs have gone black and white as a form of protest over the cancellation of what would have been the opening day of the NBA season. The site will remain this way over the next two days covering the time where most teams would have opened their season. It will be business as usual around here. We will still be bringing you the latest news on the lockout and anything related to the NBA and the Atlanta Hawks, just with a different look.

While progress has been reached in the lockout, we have nothing that suggests that it is close to being over. While the owners and the players continue to squabble over a few percentage points of basketball related income, it is the fans of the game that continue to suffer. This black and white out is for them and is to serve reminder that we are full aware of what we are missing out on.