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Our Colors and the other things we will be missing today

<strong>Missing You.</strong>
Missing You.

Today would have marked the day the NBA kicked off---tomorrow the Hawks would start on the road in MIN. Therefore, all SBNation basketblogs have gone black and white to mourn our collective loss.

Without getting too mushy-gushy on everyone allow me now to list some of the things we will also be missing as the NBA does not kick off tonight:

What we're Missing:

  • Josh Smith megadunks or super shot blocks.
  • Josh Smith 23 footers.
  • National telecast where the world can come together in their full displeasure of Reggie Miller.
  • Iso-Joe, Iso-Jamal, or Iso-Horford.
  • Steve Holman professionally homering through a broadcast.
  • Too-early referendums on the Heat, LeBron, or who will be Rookie of the Year.
  • Hubie Brown getting indignant about a player or team who isn't doing something the right way--and being right about it.
  • Seeing if Jeff Teague's season will start like the Chicago playoff series---or the Orlando playoff series.
  • Marvin Williams' dump truck waddle onto the court to start the game.
  • Al Horrrford----Boss.
  • National "Joe Johnson is ridiculously overpaid" comments---no wait, we still get to hear those.
  • The many faces of Larry Drew on the Hawks sidelines.
  • I'm Bob Rathbun and 'Nique.
  • Overly pessimistic early returns from Hoopinion or yours truly---along with the positive vibes from Kris Willis in this same space.
  • Jamal Crawford 4 point plays.
  • And, of course, the obligatory Zaza Pachulia entry into the game and the usual mayhem that ensues.

Exit Question: What will you miss from the NBA kickoff?