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NBA Lockout: Work Stoppage Hits 100 Days, No Meetings Scheduled As Deadline Looms

As the NBA Lockout hits its 100th day and regular season cancellations are on the horizon, no meetings or talks between the NBA Owners and the Players' Association are scheduled as of yet. If no deal is reached by Monday, then NBA Commissioner David Stern says the league will have no choice but cancel the first two weeks of the regular season.

Both sides have made concessions during the negotiations to this point and the much discussed revenue split is rumored to be somewhere in the midst of a 50-50 range. There is simply too much at stake and too much ground has been crossed to not get a deal done now. We are not back at the beginning of the summer when the two sides were separated by billions of dollars.

The losses for both sides are higher from losing regular season games than from any concession they have to make in the negotiation process at this point. Simply put, the time is now for this deal to be made.

Will it though? That is the billion dollar question. It would seem logical that if either side is remotely interested in having an NBA season this year, then they have to take a shot and meet before Monday's deadline. That only makes sense. However, as of this writing there are still no talks scheduled.