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Former Atlanta Hawks Guard Isaiah J.R. Rider Arrested For Parole Violation In Arizona

You know it is a slow news day at Peachtree Hoops when we start talking about Isaiah J.R. Rider. TMZ reports that the former Atlanta Hawks shooting guard has been arrested on a parole violation in Arizona. Rider's probation allegedly stems from a 2010 incident where he fled police after they attempted to stop him from driving erratically. Rider probably should be on probation for life and you can take your pick of his past transgressions:

Rider has had a long history of run-ins with police -- over the years, he's been arrested for fraud, battery, domestic violence, false reporting, kidnapping and possession of narcotic drugs.

Isiah Rider played 60 games during the 1999-2000 season for the Atlanta Hawks and averaged 19.3 points per game. He was acquired in a trade by the Hawks along with Jim Jackson from the Portland Trailblazers for Steve Smith and Ed Gray. He was waived by the Hawks on March 20, 2000.

I remember going to a game in February of 2000 to see the Hawks play Rider's old team the Portland Trailblazers. Rider didn't come out to warm up with his teammates and sat on the baseline area instead of on the bench with the other players when he wasn't in the game. His arrival helped signal the end of the Lenny Wilkens era, the Pete Babcock era and thrust the Hawks into futility that they didn't fully emerge from until around 2007.