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Josh Smith Addidas adiZero Ghost Commercial

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Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith recently unveiled his new shoe, the adiZero Ghost, at the grand opening of Dick's Sporting Goods at Peachtree Square Mall. Here is Smith's national television commercial that is called "Ode to Lightness"

"The style of the shoe is really what catches you. I mean it definitely has that look where you can be able to wear it on the court and off the court-it has that type of style," said Smith. "It's really light. The SPRINTWEB is good for support, cutting in and out of your plays. It's a comfortable shoe, you know as soon as I put my foot in it felt like I had worn it three or five times already."

The adiZero Ghost is the follow up to last season's adiZero Infiltrate. The adiZero Ghost is available now in six colors for MSRP $90 exclusively at Dick's Sporting Goods.