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Ziller: Boy, that Joe Johnson contract sure is stinky!


From the Do You Remember files, SBN's Tom Ziller takes a look at how new salary rules (proposed, obv.) would have impacted a contract if it had not been signed last offseason, but rather this coming "offseason".

Guess which contract he picked?


If new contract rules were in place last year, and assuming that Johnson's contract still began at $16.3 million in Year 1, the total value of the deal would have been $89.7 million over five years, for an average annual salary of $17.9 million.

For those who have worked hard to block it out, Joe signed a 6 year, 123 milllllion dollar deal last offseason, being given raises at a 10.5 percent clip every season through the sixth, meaning his last year will be at a crisp (and sure to be talked about between giggles that season) 24.9M. Yummy!

The Hawks, as we've mentioned previously, aren't cheap, but they don't spend smart. They are the household that spent 2 million dollars renovating their home and you go look at it and found they spent a lot of money on the sinks.

Still, if this new CBA holds, we might see less egregious overcompensation to hold a team together and, if Steve Aschburner is correct, less ridiculous exceptions to use as well.