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NBA Lockout: Deal Between NBA, Players Reportedly Within Reach

The money quote from union chief Billy Hunter:

"I think we're within reach - and within striking distance of getting a deal," Players Association executive director Billy Hunter said. "It's just how receptive the NBA is, and whether they want to do a deal."

After resuming talks on Wednesday, the NBA and the Players' Association are scheduled to meet once again on Friday with the framework for a deal reportedly in reach. However, the largest hurdle still remains. The league and the union will discuss the revenue split on Friday which has been the sticking point in all other negotiations.

It is thought that the league is asking for a 50-50 split while the union has resisted negotiating under anything less than 52.5 percent of the split coming the players way. Under the old collective bargaining agreement, the players received 57 percent of all revenues.

Things could still go south but there seems to be a different vibe coming from this set of negotiations. There has been a lot more cautious optimism from both sides who now appear to be pushing for a deal that could save all or nearly all of the regular 82 game season.