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NBA Lockout Expert Commentary: Nyeah, Nyeah. See you all whenever.

That's right. After an offseason where nothing has happened, nobody is playing, trading, and signing, and the lack of activity has sent Kris and myself posting anything even closely basketball related, it's come to this: Me, with my mental tongue sticking out, telling all these guys to enjoy losing their money, and I'll see them whenever.

I struggle to find any interest in these items:

I don't care about who is playing overseas. Honestly, keep it to yourself if you signed in Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Guam, wherever. If it's not in the NBA, I. Don't. Care. 

I don't care about the business issues that are delaying/cancelling everything. Others do, and that's cool, but I really only care about the game. Cap stuff is fun to analyze, but only as it relates to value, etc. Call me crazy, but I naively believed that both sides would understand the financial stake in losing gazillions of dollars by not having a season, but whatever, it's your dough, not mine. Hey, I'm not even having to pay my NBA League Pass without your product on the floor so, you know, thanks for the extra dough.

I am not impressed with the biggest named players, owners, (and agents I guess), stoking the fires in the meetings. Hey, geniuses, you are killing yourselves with your posturing/fit-pitching, so you might want to let your representatives go ahead and represent so this thing can get done and we can get back to some Fannntastic action. 

I am also not comforted with the thought of college basketball "replacing" the NBA as a basketball fix. The passion is high, especially if you have an alma mater, but as for me, if it's not the Orange and Blue playing, I am not all that interested in watching, save for some premier players in a national game and the tourney. The quality is obviously not the same versus the NBA---there is no substitute for top end, NBA basketball.

I am unmoved and unexcited about the barnstorming tours going across the country featuring the game's best players. Hey, fellas--do you know what the worst game of the year is, basketball-wise? It's the All-Star game. Exhibitions are great if you are 7 years old and you get excited seeing your favorite players, no matter what, but it's been a long, long time since I was 7, and honestly, the Globetrotters do it better.

I will not be one of the guys who tries to "get even" with all parties by doing something like boycotting or not watching when the games actually do come back online. I hope I don't lose any cred by saying, I love to watch the game and I am not about to let these clowns steal my joy by denying myself what I love simply because these yahoos can't figure out how to run a business successfully. 

The shame of it is that so many people depend on the NBA for their jobs, and these dopes are likely causing people to work in a different industry, negatively impact their families, burn years that they may have dedicated to their careers. My heart and prayers do go out to those folks.

Ultimately, though, it comes to this: Eventually, they'll provide the product. I'll eat popcorn, drink my soda, and enjoy myself. I'll use them every bit as much as they'll use me. Right now, they don't have a product, and they don't get my money. 

All this other stuff can drift on--hey, whatever---you guys are screwing yourselves. The NBA is all of those parties, so I don't take a side. You're either here or you're not. Eventually, these guys will be back. And so will I.

Until then, whatever.