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Mike Glenn Still An Ambassador For The Game Of Basketball

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For over 30 years, former Atlanta Hawks guard and current announcer Mike Glenn has helped spread the love for the game of basketball among the hearing impaired. Glenn has been running his basketball camp for the hearing impaired for the last 32 years where he entertains 3,000 kids annually and instructs them on the game of basketball and on life itself.

Mike Glenn averaged over 30 points per game in 1973 for Coosa High School in North Georgia. He went on to star at Southern Illinois and was later a first round draft pick of the Chicago Bulls. Glenn went on to play for the Buffalo, Braves, New York Knicks, Atlanta Hawks, and Milwaukee Bucks

Glenn became involved with the hearing impaired through his father who was a volunteer basketball coach for the Georgia School for the Deaf which is located in Cave Springs GA. 

"Those kids taught me to compete, and they taught me about humanity and caring and sharing," Glenn says. "I was this hearing kid, but I would eat lunch with them and go on trips and they would always wave at me as if to say, ‘C'mon, come with us.'"

It isn't unusual to see former Atlanta greats working Glenn's camp. People such as former Hawks Dominique Wilkins, Tree Rollins and Doc Rivers. Even baseball and football stars like Roddy White and David Justice have pitched in to help the camp. That doesn't even mention the other volunteers that have been with Glenn since the beginning that make the camp go. 

Growing up in north Georgia, I am very familiar with Glenn's accomplishments at Coosa high and his devotion to the Georgia School for the Deaf. I was lucky enough as a high school player to visit both schools. Being a Hawks fan I always made sure to pay a visit to the plaque in Coosa's gym that honors Glenn on every visit. 

Now Glenn's accomplishments off the court may very well outweigh what he did on the court. 

Donations to the camp can be made by visiting Mike's official website