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NBA Lockout: League, Union Officials Scheduled To Meet With Federal Mediator

In an effort to pump some life back into the NBA's CBA negotiations, union officials and the league will meet with a federal mediator on Monday. Talks broke off on Monday and the first two weeks of the regular season were cancelled in the process. 

During the NFL lockout, both sides met with a federal mediator but those meeting began before the lockout actually was instituted. It is not completely clear what might come from mediation but with the situation as dire as it is, it can't hurt. 

There will be no end in sight to this lockout until both sides are ready to step to the table and make some concessions on the system parameters and how the revenue will be split between the league and the players. Reportedly, talks broke down on Monday when no agreement could be reached on a luxury tax system and salary cap reforms. 

The league and the players are still far apart in revenue split. The players garnered 57 percent of the revenue under the old proposal and have presented a 53 percent in negotiation. The league's best offer has the players receiving 47 percent of the revenue. The middle ground seems to be a 50-50 split but neither side is willing to approach that as of yet.