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Schultz: Atlanta Hawks Employees Looking to Avoid Cuts.

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The AJC's Jeff Schultz reminds us of the real people that are affected by the cancellation of the first two weeks of the Atlanta Hawks season. Regular people holding down regular jobs at Philips Arena now face the harsh reality that they will lose a significant part of their income due to the cancellations. Everyone from ticket takers, concession stand workers to security will be affected.

Front office employees of the Hawks have yet to hear from either impending new owner Alex Meruelo or impending lame duck majority owners from the Atlanta Spirit about whether there will be a payroll reduction - be it in the form of layoffs, furloughs or salary cuts. But at the very least, about 300-plus game-day employees - concessionaires, ushers, ticket-takers, stat crew members, security, etc. - are out of jobs. Restaurants at CNN Center and around Philips Arena already took a hit when the Thrashers were sold and moved to Winnipeg.

The Hawks haven't announced any layoffs for any of its front office personnel but it is possible that it could still happen. The situation probably becomes more likely the longer this lockout lasts. Contrary to what this guy thinks, it is a sad reality that is magnified personally for myself now that I have gotten to know many of these individuals that will be impacted.