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NBA Lockout: Disagreement Over 'System Issues' Reportedly Led To Cancellations

Following Monday's negotiations between the NBA and the players' association, David Stern and Billy Hunter cited "system issues" as the biggest hurdle that prevented the two sides from agreeing on a new CBA deal. Items such as the luxury tax and how the Bird rights exemption could be used was the deciding factor and not the heavily advertised revenue discussion. What I take from this is that the two sides weren't hung up on the amount of money as much as how it would be distributed which in my opinion makes little sense.

As it stands now, the Atlanta Hawks will lose six games from Nov 2-Nov 13. Games cancelled at Philips Arena include the home opener against Boston on Nov 4, as well as home dates against New York and Utah. Road games include the season opener in Minnesota and trips to Chicago and Orlando.

Nov 2 at Minnesota
Nov 4 vs Boston
Nov 5 at Chicago
Nov 9 vs New York
Nov 11 vs Utah
Nov 13 at Orlando