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NBA Lockout: The Eleventh Hour Has Arrived

The NBA and the players' association met for over five hours on Sunday and emerged from the meeting without comment, only saying that the two sides would meet again on Monday afternoon.

"We don't have any comment at all, other than we are breaking for the night and reconvening tomorrow afternoon," NBA Commissioner David Stern told reporters after emerging from the meeting, which was scrapped as of late Friday night only to be revived over the weekend.

Perhaps in this situation "no comment" is the best thing given all of the posturing both sides have done. Monday's meeting is crucial as it is expected that the league will cancel the first two weeks of the regular season if no deal is reached. The hang up still appears to be the revenue split. The league offered a 50-50 scenario last week and various published reports have the players asking for around a 53-47 split. The good news is that both sides are still negotiating the split but they have to come to an agreement on Monday.

Pro Basketball Talk's Matt Moore highlights a piece by Ken Berger that illustrates just how close the two sides are to a deal. While there is still millions of dollars in play, the amount of money in compromise is less than the amount both sides will lose if regular season games are cancelled. In that scenario, it seems lubricious that the two sides wouldn't go on a forge a deal for what is in the best interest of everyone. Once again stay tuned. There should be some big news on Monday one way or the other.