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Sound-bites From the Hawks 108-93 Victory Over The Pacers

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Emptying the Audio Notebook for the Hawks 108-93 Victory over the Pacers

Coach Drew Pre-Game Audio

Topics covered in this 10 minute audio segment:

  • The small lineup decision for the Pacers game
  • Mo Evans
  • Marvin Williams injury status
  • Joe Johnson 
  • A great dialog on Coach Drew's thoughts on Damien Wilkins
  • Roy Hibbert
  • Pacers Inactive List
  • Thoughts on the Hawks big lineup with Jason Collins starting
  • Thoughts on the Hawks decision to go with a small lineup against the Pacers
  • Winded Early
  • Thoughts on Josh Smith's night
  • Exploiting match-ups
  • 3rd quarter success
  • Quick comment on the team's ball movement
  • Clamping down in the 3rd quarter