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Atlanta Hawks: Wilkins Move Was About Keeping Options Open

The Hawks request for waivers on Forward Damien Wilkins should come as no surprise to those that follow the NBA. If there is anything strange about the move it is that it happened before the Utah game and not after.  The deadline before Wilkins contract would have become fully guaranteed for the remainder of the season is still five days away. What follows this move will be interesting to watch especially given the health concerns that have surrounded the team this season.

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Atlanta could elect to bring Wilkins back on a ten day contract as soon as that becomes an option on Monday. This also could hinge on the health of Marvin Williams as he is expected to rejoin the team back in Atlanta for Saturday's game against the Pacers. If he is healthy then Damien might not be necessary. Wilkins had seemingly fallen out of the rotation before Marvin was injured against Golden State. He has saw sporadic playing time since. With the likelihood that the big lineup is here for the long haul, then the minutes at small forward are going to be even more limited. 

Bret LaGree points out that the team could be looking to bring in some other players for looks on ten day contracts. The Hawks this season have utilized the D-League for the first real time in the franchise's history. We know that Hawks GM Rick Sund spent some time in Utah with the Flash when Sy was first assigned there. While there doesn't appear to be a current Flash player that mike make sense for the Hawks to give a call up to, another player in the D-League might.

Probably the most unpopular option would be that the Hawks don't fill the roster spot. If not for an injury to Joe Johnson I think it was highly unlikely that Damien Wilkins would have been signed in the first place. While I would love to add a deserving D-League player (Courtney Sims? or someone like him) is there really a need to acquiring someone else when Jeff Teague and Jordan Crawford aren't regulars in the rotation? It is highly probable that anyone the Hawks bring in will spend most of their time here in a suit, or at the end of the bench. 

I was excited as anyone about the signing of Damien Wilkins when it happened. The writing was on the wall though when he started racking up DNP's. This move was made to keep roster options open. While I don't have an answer for the timing of the move it shouldn't come as that big of a surprise.